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Request change to Delete synth dialogue

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Hello, I would like to suggest a change to  the  " delete associated files" portion of the Delete Synth dialogue. Please change the delete associated files to include only the audio tracks generated by the synth that's being deleted. To also delete the midi track that is directed to the Synth  can cause a real disaster of unintended consequences. Typically that MIDI track output selection is not visible - and just as often the midi track itself is not in focus or possibly not visible. I can have hours , days , weeks of performances and edits in a midi track, and it can just disappear without notice when choosing to delete a synth from the synth rack instead of choosing to replace a synth. seems to me - RAW DATA should never be capable of being deleted without a secondary notice  - at least. It's happened on a few occasions and I was lucky enough to " undo " steps to recover the midi data. In those circumstances I had lost additional edits made to the project - but was at least able save the data.

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