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Rick Beato BF bundle

Eusebio Rufian-Zilbermann

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17 hours ago, Christian Jones said:

What makes this deal great?

Afaik the ear training course has never been anywhere close to $99.

This is "traditional ear training", examples of various intervals, chords, rhythms,etc. followed by practice drills/test.

It's not a new learning method. About 30 years ago I used the MS-DOS programs "Ibis Play it by ear" and "Ibis Rhythm Ace" that used the same "example & drill" mechanics. It works, and your music listening skill will grow if you put in the time and effort, much like going to the gym.

Rick Beato's version is conveniently online and has one of the most comprehensive sets of drills that I've seen (it's not finished yet but it already offers more than typical, less expensive programs). At $200+ it always felt too expensive but at $99 it is quite reasonable.

After completing the course you should be able to recognize every note in a song, the same way as Rick Beato does in his "What makes this song great" videos

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I find the description of how the course came to be quite interesting - that his son had perfect pitch, but wasn't as strong on recognising relative pitch. It reminded me of what I saw on one of Adam Neely's videos once on describing the different 'levels' of pitch recognition; someone with perfect pitch hears the pitch exactly as is (and knows which note it is), but isn't (necessarily) able to tell the relation between the two notes. I'm guessing that would mean you could play the same song in a different key, and they would hear it as two different songs?

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