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The Roland Sound Canvas VA (SCVA) Thread

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On 5/5/2019 at 11:43 PM, Victor Peters said:


I just downloaded and installed Sound Canvas VA and I'm trying to get it to work and play some of my GS MIDI files.

I was able to play MIDI files throught the Sound Canvas VA in Reaper (https://www.reaper.fm/), but I'm unable to do so in Cakewalk by BandLab version 2019.03 (build 20l, 64 bit). I can't find a way to direct the output of the (MIDI) tracks to the Sound Canvas VA VST plugin. I've had a hardware Sound Canvas (SC-8850) in the past and was able to play the MIDI files through that unit, but it seams that Cakewalk doesn't recognize the Sound Canvas VA as a VST-instrument that can handle MIDI data.

Any help to get this working before the trail expires would be very appreciated.

Use LoopMIDI to create a custom MIDI port and SAVI Host to load SCVA. Then on Cakewalk, add the MIDI port that you created as a MIDI device.

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I am using the latest Cakewalk (2019.05) and Sound Canvas VA. I can change to other bank instruments in the Sound Canvas VA control panel, but they are not saved. How do I change to other bank variations like Slow Violin 041 version 008 (CC00)?

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