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Ikmultimedia Syntronik 2

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2 hours ago, chris.r said:

I have read the whole thread twice and still don't get it how is Syntronik 2 CS suppose to host v1 instruments (I own Deluxe) cause many here are reporting that they do sound different in both versions...?

Another question: I own Syntronik 1 Deluxe but I didn't install anything yet. Now since the release of v2, should I install Syntronik 1+all the sounds first, then install Syntronik 2 CS on top? Or install just all my sounds from Syntronik 1 then install Syntronik 2 on top? Or just install v2 and forget anything Syntronik 1?  Thx

I own Syntronik 1 Deluxe, and in stalled Syntronik 2 CS side by side.

The Syntronik 1 instruments are available and working great here in Syntronik 2 CS, I believe because Syntronik 2 hosts both a ST4 engine and a ST3 engine, same as SampleTank 4 does. Syntronik 1 presets are in the ST3 format.

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