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CbyB & Kontakt Library Brower

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Now we've all got too many libraries in Kontakt . . . .  just me then !

I know you can click on the Settings (Cog) icon and manually select and deselect libraries to display in the Library Browser and even you deselect all libraries and load a project with a Kontakt instrument in it the instrument loads into the Multirack and plays fine.

What I want is for Kontakt to only show libraries in the browser if there is an instrument from that library in the multirack …. can this be done

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I don't believe that can be done. Kontakt has no knowledge of what's going on in your project.

You might, however, look into using Kontakt's favorites (AKA Quick Load; press CTL-F) feature as a way to narrow your choices. Every time you use a library in a project, add it to the favorites. Then at least your choices are limited to instruments you've used in the past.


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