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Neil Cummins

Audio Slurring after Freeze using AudioSnap

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Hi Forum,

                        Does CPU/RAM specification play any role in how well AudioSnap converts corrected transients from Online to Offline? My reason for asking is that I have made some small transient corrections in two guitar clips in a current project.When stretched and played online with Elastique Efficient as Online algorithm,they play back well,however when either mixed down or frozen using Radius Solo as Offline algorithm,the resulting transient audio becomes heavily slurred and unusable.

My audio laptop is relatively low-spec in terms of CPU and RAM,so I was wondering what impact,if any,this may have on the Offline algorithm.

If yes,what would users recommend for suitable settings for Offline and Online algorithms?




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Radius Solo is used for monophonic sources.  Occasionally it’s wonky even on monophonic stuff.  So if your guitar has more than one note at a time you’ll need to use one of the polyphonic algorithms..  For me, Radius Mix is by far the most reliable for any source including polyphonic sources.

Also, I wouldn’t think CPU or RAM would alter the quality of your offline rendering.  The Algo used definitely will though.

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