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murat k.

Starting to Play The Arrangement from any Section

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In the Arrangements tab,  image.png.e82c14230cade2ae95c83eb1c4a19d31.png

when I hit the play button next to the sections image.png.6655eee05f2fb3d7b53fc018c84d561f.png

(not the play button at the top) image.png.3dea57b774e98723ec1a51c7ba7f935b.png

 it starts to play that section. However that playback plays the Timeline, image.png.a56793fabeaba2ff7968271065793dca.png

not the Arrangement.  image.png.6655eee05f2fb3d7b53fc018c84d561f.png

I mean when that section finish, the next section does not play with that button.   

When I hit the play button next to the section, I expect it to continue to play the next part after played section.

Please make it that way.


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By the way you can make it by default. I mean playing the arrangement without hitting the Ctrl button. You can do the opposite. I mean holding down the Ctrl key with the play section button plays the Timeline. This is more intuitive.

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Hey. It's getting weirder. Now the arrangement is playing without the CTRL button. What's going on? 

I'll guess this is a bug. Because it was not like that before. 

I mean the play button was looking like this when I hit the play button.


But now it looks like this:


I just hit the play  buttton next to the section without holding down the CTRL key.

Maybe this is a bug. I don't know. Anyways, it is working fine right now.

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