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George Cowan

Dim Pro 1.5 Registration issue CBB /Sonar Platinum on second PC

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Hi can you help..

DIM PRO 5 v1.5  - I am trying to register it against my new PC but I'm  caught in a frustrating, recurring  Dim Pro  Registration loop.

Actions so far....

I downloaded DP 1.5 from My Products from command center.

DP5 launches and works fine on my new computer BUT on launch  it initiates with 30 day time bomb message asking me to Register the product. - It is now at 23 days and counting.

Numerous times -  I've tried  registering  the CWDM150763349901618 serial number code ( shown by clicking on the DIMENSION PRO TEXT) against  the 16 alpha numeric Registration Code  ( i.e. XXXX - XXXX-XXXX-XXXX code format  stored in "My products "  against CWDM150763349901618 ).

I do this by copying the 16 alpha numeric Registration Cod pasting it into the  required registration code field .

I get an "Invalid  registration Code warning  etc ".

Something appears to be cross wired. 

NOTE : Its early days but so far  all other CW BL functionality on the new PC appears to be stable - so far it is only DIM PRO5 that i've encountered any issues with.

Any suggestions?


Additional info 

- I've used Sonar CW BL for 20 years plus

- Still using a  second PC from 2013 - DIM Pro etc all working fine  ( including registration).

 - In Sept 2019 I bought a  HP PC that I installed CW Sonar BL etc  onto successfully   (including Dim Pro 5).

I used this  HP PC successfully  for a few years  but I had to return this PC to HP under warranty in Sept 2021 as it it had developed Overheating issues. I was advised not to use it and return it to HP .

My "un-educated" thoughts on possible issues - solutions 

 1) Has Dim pro  got a max number of computers it can be registered against (ie  2  ?)  and if so is it possible  DIM PRO 5 has still got a registration in command Centre against that HP pc that needs to be cleared? *

        (* The  last point was brought up as - I had this issue with Melodyne this week due to HP computer still be  registered on the  Melodyne 2 PC  license against it.  Melodyne support kindly deleted the HP ref and freed up the second license ).

2) Has the registry got screwed up in some way  regarding Dim Pro and I need to uninstall re-install Dim Pro  with  guidance from you guys ?

Look forward to your response.









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The easiest way to install and activate installers created from late 2014 through 2017 is by using Cakewalk Command Center.

To activate DP manually, make sure to run the stand alone synth or DAW as administrator. Once activated there is no need to run as administrator.

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