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Larry Shelby

Xtractpler - Multi-Velocity Sample Extractor - New Version!

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The most affordable and easiest way to extract audio samples from any VST/AAX/AU plugin, MIDI capable module/synthesizer or acoustics instruments or even vocals (by using Mic) and generate multi-velocity sliced audio WAV files.

$17.49 at KVR Marketplace

Latest Version includes:

Normalisation of audio capture from -3db to -15db.

Added grid columns sort feature on configuration screen.

Audio Input Device selection is now independently from the system default one.

MIDI Output Device selection is now in Main Screen.

Improved processing time in capture and rendering.

Improved screen size and colours.

Improved console text information during capture and conversion processes.


Xtractpler is a configurable automated audio capture application that records the audio either from audio output from MIDI devices or VST/AAX/AU plugins/apps by triggering MIDI notes at multi-velocity levels or by external/internal audio sources like anything coming to the system Mic or Audio-Input port and generate sliced audio WAV files for their use in any other sampler, looper or e-drum modules that support user-generated audio content or samples.


Extract audio from VST/AAX/AU and use the generated sliced audio files in other samplers, e-drum modules.

Create sounds banks or libraries from capturing audio from different sources, including from Mic, audio-input or MIDI devices.

Reduce speeches interval silences between spoken phrases ideal for podcast or videos.

Resampling of drum layered kits by unifying two layers samples into single one, like for instance for Alesis Strike Pro or Multi-Pad/SamplePad products where memory Kit is limited.


Works for Windows and Mac computers.

Offers forth modes of audio capture: Drum for sounds less than 15 seconds of decay; Sound for sounds of up to 100 seconds of decay, like drones or strings; Live for capturing live performance from acoustics instruments or vocals up to 180 seconds or Speech up to 210 seconds of recording from either Mic or audio-input.

Doesn't require any DAW to run.

Configurable to send MIDI notes as per VST/AAX/AU requirement. No limited to certain VSTs.

Automates samples trimming and conversion (i.e. mono, sampling frequency, bit rate and what velocity curve to use: Linear, Exponential or Logarithmical).

Normalises audio [-3db to -15db] on output files.

Store generated multi-samples into grouped configurable name folders.

Special note for Mac Users:

Due to limitations on Mac computers on audio routing, it requires the installation of free third-party MacOS extension like BlackHole (https://existential.audio/blackhole/) or SoundFlower for internal audio routing.

Special note for Windows Users:

Due to limitations on Windows computers on MIDI internal routing, it requires to install a free third-party MIDI internal routing device like: LoopMidi (http://www.tobias-erichsen.de/software/loopmidi.html) or LoopBe (https://www.nerds.de/en/loopbe1.html) or MIDI Yoke (http://www.midiox.com/index.htm?http://www.midiox.com/myoke.htm).

For Audio in Windows, make sure to enable the Windows Stereo Mix device as Audio Input. For more information refers to these links:





How to extract drum samples from a VST


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