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Advanced draw or brush tool... And other ideas

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1. It would be really cool to have a brush tool or more advanced draw tool to paint automation fee form a bit more fluently than it is already.  We could plug in a drawing tablet and paint with sounds have a sound pallet of different colours. We could choose a sound or FX for each colour and paint with it. 

2. I like to use cakewalk to cut beats and organise them randomly. (I Make heaps of beats that will fit the bpm and cut them together for 100 bpm track I will cut together in an 800 bpm project)

 It would be nice to be able to cut (spilt) more than one sound at a time. And to have a randomise button to randomly organise the sounds. 

3. Piano roll view. Don't get me wrong piano roll is near perfect but there is something about zooming and moving notes I cant flow fast enough my brain is always a few notes ahead. Piano roll in cakewalk needs to be better than FL studio. Do something bold with it.. could be so much better ✌️


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