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Please Saint Peter, final release


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I owe a great deal of thanks to the people who helped out along the way.  Some truly great ideas which I hope I implemented properly.

Thank you Eric Parsons, mark skinner, antler, Wookiee, jack c.!

Here's the video of the final product:

https://baselines.com/?p=6319 (I changed the audio on the mp3 file, but I couldn't upload the new audio to YouTube.  This link has a player for just the new audio - I bumped the bass up a little and cut some high end)


Edited by steve@baselines.com
Updated the mastering on the audio.
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23 hours ago, jack c. said:

sounds great.nice harmony and voice.jack c.up bass guitar a tad.

Thanks Jack - I did that on the audio, but couldn't get it set in the video.  I tried a new upload to youtube with the better audio, but for some reason that one got flagged for copyright whereas the first one I uploaded didn't.  Oh well, teaches me not to release things early.

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