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    15 years ago I almost lost everything I love (including my life) pursuing my dream of owning an independent record label,. I escaped great tragedy by a hair and a prayer. So I abandoned thousands of dollars worth of studio gear and resolved to change my life. I hadn't touched a DAW,  mixing console or a sequencer since then. Those were the days of Pro tools 6, and the infamous Yamaha Motif ES series. 

     But then the Pandemic happened and I found my self downloading (to my surprise), the full version of SONAR Platinum for FREE !  So I got myself a little 25 Key midi controller and updated the ram on my PC. Knowing that my skills were rusty and most of what I thought I knew was really outdated or obsolete.  I make a few loops here and there, maybe I upload them to YouTube, maybe I don't. Sometimes the feedback I see is like WTF is this ? I laugh and shake my head. I've already done the serious music thing. So these days I'm not looking for distribution deals or anything on the serious side of music business. I've already got that T shirt and its got a few holes in it. 

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