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Eventide SplitEQ - A New Era of Equalization!

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I'm pleased to announce that Eventide has released SplitEQ, an advanced equalization plug-in featuring our patented Structural Split technology. The culmination of a multi-year effort, SplitEQ works in a fundamentally different way from traditional EQs. It’s a new approach for corrective and creative rebalancing, enhancing, repairing, and widening any musical signal or other audio source.

  • World-class 8-band parametric EQ with precise musical filters
  • Equalizes Transient and Tonal parts of a sound separately using Eventide’s patented Structural Split™ technology
  • Controls Transient and Tonal Output levels
  • Enhances the stereo field with continuous Transient and Tonal panning controls (L/R and Mid/Side modes)
  • Innovative real-time spectrum analyzer displays the Transient and Tonal streams independently
  • Controls for the underlying Split technology for fine tuning and experimentation
  • Globally scales the EQ curves together or independently
  • Has Peak, Notch, Bandpass, High-Shelf, Low-Shelf, Tilt Shelf, High-Pass, and Low-Pass filter types with slopes from 6 to 96 dB/octave
  • Includes a comprehensive library with over 150 presets
  • A/B buttons allow quick auditioning of two presets or settings plus Undo/ Redo functionality
  • Graphical user interface with zoom options and can be re-sized

SplitEQ is available for Mac and PC in VST, AAX and AU formats for an introductory price of $99 (reg.$179) through January 3rd, 2022 from Eventide and authorized dealers worldwide.

Click for more info

SplitEQ 1080.jpg

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SplitEQ is on sale through April 4th, 2022!


Please note that Physion owners can take advantage of our crossgrade, and get SplitEQ for the even lower price of $77.40. 

For those that own it already, be sure to download the update: 

Software update details: (v1.0.12)

- Updated the UI with 3 distinct themes: Normal, Dark, and Colorblind Accessible
- Swapped the default transient / tonal band handle tab direction, and added a user setting to configure their direction
- Added mouse wheel Q control to EQ plot
- Fixed a bug where the UI would appear as blank in certain hosts on macOS Mojave
- Updated the User Guide to reflect new changes, and fix some typos
- Various other small bug fixes and improvements

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