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Access violation and crash with Sonitus effects

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On 11/13/2021 at 1:31 PM, John Vere said:

Just did a Delay shootout of the collection I had.  

Top pick is Voxengos Tempo delay.   Tempo sync with a readout and multiplier ( important) , VST 3,   Easy to set even though it's a bit complicated to look at. 

 Runners up

Sanford Delay  VST2  Has a good tempo sync using note values and like the sonitus you can set them different left and right.  Small volume drop on insert. Hard to smooth it out it sort of choppy but that can be what you want sometimes. 

Cakewalks Tempo Delay,  its DX! but it has tempo sync with only note values  Volume drops on inserting. Can sort of get close to what you want but limited. 

 Sphere delay by WA Productions.  VST 3, Tempo Sync  but no readout or adjustments. It does sound good even though it is limited in tweaking.   This is not normally  free but I got is as a freebie of the week from Plug in Boutique,  glad I didn't buy it. 

La Grange  by Ursa DSP  VST 3   Tempo sync but no adjustments  a fun delay with bizarre results well worth collecting.  

Screenshot (225).png

You didn't mention Valhalla Supermassive. Did you look at it? It's a stereo delay and lacks individual L/R delay settings; but it has a lot of other interesting stuff going on. Lots of presets.

One other one I didn't mention is Voxengo Sound Delay. It has super short delays (L/R & M/S) that can be used for alignment or to produce some really interesting spacial delay effects. I suspect that it can be really interesting when applied to melodic content.

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