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Saga - Tired World - A song I liked for many years, recorded 1978 the first time so it was time I made a cover of it. 

I did fake the solo part at 2 places as they where to fast to play and trust me, I really tried but you cannot see nor here exact where...  ;)

I will tell you if you wanna know and also how I did it. Software used for the fake part was Audacity but I so all base recordings with Audacity and transfer them later to Cakewalk, after I Normalized them and also reduced noises.


The drums sounded very static first, a drum machine with real recorded drums so I fiddled some with the high hat and added a delay to it and suddenly, the drums sounded as realistic as they can be I guess. My version is running in 93 bpm and the delay is 120 bpm but should maybe be set to 124 but it got such a nice swing / shuffle feeling, so I kept it at 129 bpm and a role is. Never touch anything that is working. The recording is done in/with Audacity, guitars and song Cakewalk for drums, keyboards and to put all pieces together.

The Video is made with Kapwing https://www.kapwing.com 

The background (free) pictures are taken from: https://pixabay.com/ https://mocah.org/

Other versions of Tired World are: Live (My favorite version): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqpAZur7iPA

New version 2021: 

Original that I used as template for my version: 


Edited by Per-Erik Peterson
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On 11/9/2021 at 5:22 PM, jack c. said:

cool bring up voice.tad less bottom.jack c.

I did use an Exciter (Free VST) on the voice, to make it a bit more crispy and also more full or filled in the middle range. I might add more singers on this song later. We will see in 2 weeks. They both have lighter and more crispy voice than I have. This is also the first time I sing in a recording at all.  :)  But we will focus at Eleanor Rigby and a Swedish song called Like Glass - Som Glas, here performed by Freddie Whalgren and the Flesh Quartet in original with Nina Persson from The cardigans.


I sure want to do my own version of this brilliant song

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