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Maxim Vasilyev

Move the clip backward when moving or copying.

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This is a long-standing problem that still existed in early versions of Sonar.
With a certain Horizontal Zoom Control parameter (closer to the minimum values), with the grid on, if you advance (or copy) a clip by some measure (with sticking to the grid; audio or midi; forward or backward - no difference) it, a clip, bounces forward.
Link to video (Cakewalk version 2021.09):


This manifests itself only during work, not always, but it is impossible to deliberately cause this problem in a new project.
Are you aware of this issue?

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A little explanation.
The video shows when I stop at the place where I want to leave the clip, but when I release the mouse button, the clip itself moves to the left.
If you increase the Horizontal Zoom Control parameter, then everything is fine.

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