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Morten Saether

2021.11 Update 1 [Updated 10-Nov-2021]

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[UPDATE 10-Nov-2021: Cakewalk 2021.11 Update 1 (build now available]

We're pleased to announce the 2021.11 release! This is primarily a maintenance release that includes fixes for a few user reported issues. It also includes several optimizations and improvements to export audio and behavior when using Track/Bus Solo, exclusive solo and solo override functionality, especially when used in more complex routing scenarios utilizing aux tracks and sidechains.

Please note that in order to automatically keep your activation status up to date, Cakewalk will renew your activation status whenever a new version of the application is installed and run for the first time, and when you sign in to BandLab from within Cakewalk. If you have never signed in to BandLab from within Cakewalk, you will be prompted once to sign in. 

The Bakers

For new feature details, see New Features.

Should you need to revert to the 2021.09 release, you can download the Cakewalk 2021.09 Rollback installer.


Update Nov 10 2021:

2021.11 Update 1 (build


Bug fixes:

  • Incorrect filename when export single track as Tracks through Entire Mix
  • Allow more than one export task to have the same task name
  • Step Sequencer not recognizing first note



2021.11 Highlights


Solo, Exclusive Solo and Solo Override improvements

The internals for track and bus solo have been greatly improved to handle more complex routing scenarios with tracks and buses outputting to aux tracks and sidechains. Prior to this release there were scenarios where soloing intermediate tracks or buses would not solo all the parts of the signal flow.  Additionally, solo override now works consistently with aux tracks and tracks containing active sidechains. Dim solo has also been made aware of the solo override state and works consistently.

Bug fixes


  • Soloing a bus silences any sidechain sends to plugins in tracks/buses unless sending tracks are soloed
  • Switching exclusive solo between aux tracks can cause the solo state to get out of sync
  • Regression: Exclusive Solo Mode not working after unsoloing track
  • Regression: Exclusive Solo "solo override" fails to work properly
  • Exclusive soloing a mix of tracks and buses not working properly
  • Solo overriding a bus sending to another bus won't pass through audio
  • Solo Override does not behave as expected on Aux tracks or buses
  • Solo Override does not behave as expected with Dim Solo
  • Sidechain fails to trigger when soloing bus
  • Soloing buses without an input streams audio not sent to bus
  • Soloing a track with a send to an aux would not make the aux audible
  • Soloing track routed to aux with dim solo results in unexpected dimming
  • Soloing a bus now includes any sidechain sends to plugins in tracks/buses 


  • Melodyne used as track effect hangs on export audio
  • Some Mix Enables check boxes too large for dialog
  • Duplicate filenames warning appears whenever using {taskname} tag
  • Export Audio dialog not clearing/restoring  exclusive solo / track solo override status
  • Export Audio: Use same settings for all option not appearing for Tracks Through Entire Mix
  • Export audio directory should be deleted if not used, and only created for cwp projects
  • Improvements to plugin silence flushing
  • Crash when exporting in ASIO with certain drivers when using high bounce buffer size
  • Exporting with source category tracks through entire mix and range set to entire project doesn't respect track length
  • Export audio from tracks now includes sidechain sends in more complex routing scenarios 
  • Bouncing Step Sequencer clip results in no clip in some projects


  • Preferences dialog categories illegible in High Contrast mode in Windows
  • CTRL+SHIFT drag import of MIDI causes clips to overlap unexpectedly
  • Step Sequencer clip fails to loop in user project
  • Articulations ignored when scrubbing in Piano Roll view
  • Piano Roll scrub stops working after using Clips scrub
  • Add StickyFileExportNotification registry setting
  • Softube plugins not scanning properly, resulting in errors in plug-in inventory
  • Clean audio folder suggests deleting files in default export audio folder
  • Disable project auto-save while File Export/Bounce to Track(s) dialogs are open
  • Aux Track has unexpected volume boost after opening project
  • Delete key not working in certain circumstances


Latest release notes are here.
See prior release notes.
Check out all new features released to date.

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