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Bulk actions on Sysx Banks

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After having Read The Fulsome Manual and having poked at the software I conclude the only bulk action that can be applied to sysx banks is Send All.

I would really like bulk Select, bulk Clear and bulk Open too.

I get that this may be a minority interest. Using database software, I periodically generate 100+ ordered banks of programs (all basses together, all woodwinds together, all other families grouped in between, and each family sorted by instrument). Keeping programs in this order makes it easy to find the right sound but means new programs must always be inserted among old ones, which changes where the breaks between banks occur. So I would like to be able to bulk-select an old set of banks, bulk-clear them, and bulk-open a new set, ordered by filename. Instead, now I have to open a new project, manually load the new banks one at a time, then delete the old project.

Failing any answers to my prayers, is there a way to get in under the hood and replace a set of banks without causing undue catastrophe?

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