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Clovis Ramsay

Guitar and Bass Templates using Fx Chain Preset "Virtual Amp Simulation"

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ToneLab - Guitar Bass Templates -  Virtual Amp Simulators 

In order to utilize the ToneLab Guitar and Bass templates, you must copy over the included "Virtual Amp Simulators" (FX Chain Presets) into the correct Cakewalk Content file directory.

Drag and Drop all three folders into the following directory:

"C:\Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk Core"

*You may be prompted about files that already exists in the content folders, such as the default images that come packaged with Cakewalk.  You may select skip then only the customized graphics will be copied over.

Here are the default locations of the content file directories for reference.

"C:\Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk Core\FX Chain Graphics"

"C:\Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk Core\FX Chain Presets\Guitars and Basses"

"C:\Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk Core\Project Templates"

*Example of my custom FX Chain Graphic inspired by the SVT-3PRO bass amp.

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