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Cherry Memorymode and Resources

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What a wonderful synth. And at an amazing price.

...but it seems to devour resources forcing me to quadruple my latency before it will play without glitches. (Three softsynths eat half as much all together)...


Way to slow for performance at that point. I know I can freeze the other synths to reduce demand, but it's so early in this song's development.  I do the same config replacing only the Memorymode with essentially any other (non-cherry. The other cherry synths are similar but not as hungry) all is well at my original latency.


I get it. I know some demand more than others, but this seems a bit severe. I hope they find a way to lighten their load soon. I love all four of their synths other than this. Hard to use for basics... for me.


I have their'


OB SEM 8 Voice


...and Voltage Modular.


Their' value would go way up if they could find a significant solution.



...just sayin'


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