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Jaime Ramírez

Multiple Vst Inputs Scrambled Track Templates

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Hi Everyone.. 

I make a Track Templates with a drum vst pluggin (Addictive Drums 2) with his multiple outputs, plugins, buses and busess plugins. When a import to another session, the inputs of the differents vst outputs plugins are scrambled... (for example the kick has the snare input, etc)... 

The software have this issue with the inputs vst when you open an older project, not only in tracks templates imports, with other vst in the project too (I put another post of this issue).. 

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I noticed this happens sometimes too, there are times when it certain templates are saved correctly. Other times it might not. 

I think it also happens when there's multiple soft synths in your track template, like its probably loading the audio tracks first before loading the right soft synth hence the routing gets routed to a different soft synth as the correct soft synth hasnt been loaded. its kinda frustrating to reroute everything esp if you're dealing with huge multi-out stuff. 

hope it get fixed

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