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Hidden Symmetry

SP InfiniStrip WIND edition v.1.2.2

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1. Added macOS Silicon full compatible compilations,
2. Added plugin resizing feature (up-scaling plugin window) available by dragging corner or scrolling 100% icon,
3. Improved PresetBar behavior,
4. Disabled drag icon for Windows version of the plugin (on users' request),
5. Improved LED meters behaviour,
6. Optimised graphical engine,
7. Improved overall stability.

1. Multiple drag&drop operations might have caused crash or slow down of InfiniStrip graphic refreshment - fixed,
2. Sometimes "error loading preset" appeared in PresetBar - fixed,
3. In ProTools - sometimes plugin was loosing mouse focus, which caused knobs to be immovable - fixed,
4. Minor bug fixed.

1. Improving stability between VST3 version of the plugin and Ableton Live host application,
2. Improving loading times for AU version of the plugin in Digital Performer host application.

Update is free of charge for the current PSP InfiniStrip users.


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