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Virtual drums play triplets when single clicked with mouse. Why and how?


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Sounds there is a short delay in the routing!  

But first look at the Midi input! Can you install Midi-Ox and look what's coming in? Perhaps you have a midi loop created somewhere.

Then record a few bars and look at the recorded midi if there are 3 notes or just one.

If there is just one note recorded, it must have to do with an audio delay/loopback.

Try to increase and decrease your latency and see what happens. Sounds like an effect somewhere in the inserts or sends!



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1 hour ago, EJ13 said:

Thanks to everyone that responded. I put my computer in high performance mode and it appears to have solved the issue. 

Glad that fixed it, but what a weird fix! :) But hey, as is the case with computers so often its best to just be thankful for it working I guess.  For what its worth I thought it sounded kind of groovy with that triplet thing going on. 

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