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Laptop with ssd drive

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I have a dedicated setup for my DAW but it's in the basement and I dream of being somewhere else in the house where there is mor day light.....so I'm starting to investigate laptop.


So.....Small disk space SSD or monster traditionnal HD?

BTW. I know the working concept of an SSD and I already a big external HD to keep my files.

Is this a big SSD no no, even focasual tracking?

Let's see what you 'all have to say.




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Posted (edited)

FWIW I use SSD's for everything nowadays, using my old HDD's for storing backup images.

The only issue I had was with a SanDisk Plus, which died during the warranty period. SanDisk replaced it with a SanDisk Ultra II (free of charge) which is running great.

Most of my other SSD's are Crucial MX300's / MX500's.

Personally, I can't see you having any issues using them for casual tracking. 

For really heavy tracking, an SSD is still fine, but you'd maybe want to look into getting a SLC (Single Level Cell) based SSD which will cope with far more writes than the other types.

For most uses the standard MLC (Multi Level Cell) technology is fine.

I personally wouldn't use the TLC (Triple Level Cell) SSD's, but I guess they would be fine for your OS (assuming your swap file / hibernation file is on another disk), or a disk full of samples.

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