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Last Chance - Acon Digital, ProjectSAM, ISW, Boom Library


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In case you missed them, these deals are ending soon...

ACON DIGITAL - Save an exclusive 25% on Acoustica Standard and Premium - ENDS TODAY

PROJECTSAM - Save 35% on the newly updated True Strike 1 - ENDS 18TH OCTOBER

ISW - Save 20% on newly released Kageyama Taikos Japanese Drums - ENDS TODAY

BOOM LIBRARY - Save 20% on newly released Toy Guns - ENDS 19TH OCTOBER



With the imminent release of Predator 3, RoCoder and the eXplorer 7 Bundle not long to follow, grab these bargains to get some free upgrades!

Predator 2 - Save 33% and get a free upgrade to Predator 3 on release

eXplorer 6 - Buy the eXplorer 6 bundle and get DelSane for free and a free upgrade to eXplorer 7

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