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Simeon Amburgey

Heavyocity Releases Symphonic Destruction | Livestream Replay

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This was another amazing livestream. When you first start into it, you think no worries, until you realize how deep the content is going and two hours just fly by. @Heavyocity Media, has done another superb job with this library, putting its unique fingerprint throughout.
Damage 2 goes to the orchestra, is a definite understatemen, and when you actually pair Damage 2 with SD, things really start to get interesting.

We've deconstructed the orchestra—rebuilding it from the ground up to push the bounds of power, creativity, and aggression in modern scoring. From Full Orchestra Portatos saturated with analog gear to Herrmann-esque detuned staccatos to the kind of deep, dark soundscapes you thought only existed in your head.

SYMPHONIC DESTRUCTION is available for $299 (reg. $449) until November 1. Owners of Damage 2, NOVO, FORZO, or VENTO get an additional $50 off (click CROSSGRADE NOW and enter serial to get discount).

Learn more at http://www.Heavyocity.com/Symphonic-Destruction


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