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Cakewalk Stream Deck

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7 hours ago, garybrun said:

Just bought this to see...
Works well.
Cakewalk Stream Deck Plugin

I've had my Stream Deck for quite a while now but I set it up with my own commands, I didn't know there was a company selling dedicated plugins  -  it looks quite clever.

When I first set mine up I added things like all the transport controls etc but for me  I didn't find it that useful to control things I could easily access with the mouse and keyboard in the end. It was just easier to hit the spacebar.

However I use it all the time for things that are a little more hidden away that I use quite ofte..

Eg. I have one button to open my Audio interface driver so I can adjust latency

A macro that closes the Browser and the Inspector and sets Cakewalk to full screen

A couple of Cal routines set to their own button like Humanize

A few buttons to use in the Track View , one opens the Scale Velocity dialog , another 2 transpose the selected clip up or down an Octave which is about 6 key presses in one button so it is quite a time saver. I also set one up to bounce the selected clip to audio which I find pretty handy.

The cool thing about these devices is how flexible they are and they're generic unlike a dedicated DAW controller so I can use it for other Apps as well   

Hope you enjoy using it.

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