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BandLab Mix Editor Tutorial

Robert McClellan

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BandLab is quickly becoming one of the top online music platforms, and with good reason! Due to their business model, you can make music anytime, anywhere. Connect with millions of other users around the world, and release your tracks right from this platform. The social features built in under the hood also allow you to engage with fans and keep 100% of their support.

Today we're going to cover the Mix Editor on both the PC (Windows 10) and an iOS device. This will be a great tutorial to kick start your journey into the world on online collaboration with BandLab.

Want to download it and use it for yourself?

Head over here on your PC:

Head over here on your phone:
👉Android and iOS: https://www.bandlab.com/download

- Instagram @BandLab
- Facebook @BandLab
- Twitter @BandLab
- TikTok @BandLab


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That's a nice, 20 minute overview of the online DAW and the iOS DAW.  I downloaded the Android DAW and have played with it some.  There is a lot of capability.  I wasn't aware of the availability of volume and pan automation in the online DAW.  It has really progressed from where it was when Bandlab first released it.

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