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Best VST Plugins!?

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On 9/30/2021 at 7:49 AM, SKATOR said:

hey everyone, I was searching through for free plugins and could only find the basic stuff however what I'm interested in is finding any Leads, Electric Piano, Electric drum kit and some more great sounds that are free which I can use for producing my songs. 

I know I'm being really picky and I'm aware there is not much great stuff when we talk about FREE plugins and i'll need to buy some in the coming future. I just started playing in cakewalk and getting started in Music but only finding the basic drums basic guitar and basic pianos in free plugins is very restricted to the genres I wanna explore producing with this Daw.

So please let me know if you guys have found some free plugins with leads or electric instruments or something that better than basic or pre-installed instruments.

thanks :)

What all this nice people don't tell you is where does the free vst plugins come from.

So mean little me give it a try.

Many of them turns up in this other forum first: https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=1&sid=b522a69f26c1ecfe74a0dc92bae75f68

KVRaudio is where a lot of the plugin developers hang.

Register to get the ability to mark posts read. That way you see how many unread posts there are when you login next time. Then you go through every unread post, speedread, and the next day you do the same. Keep up for years to come and you will be the first to discover new free plugins and can test how "best" they are. 👍

This came out only a couple of days ago and is mentioned there: https://yofiel.com/audio/husserl2.php

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Best free (professional) plugins for mixing are currently from Analog Obsession (analogobsession.com), VarietyOfSound (varietyofsound.wordpress.com), and TokyoDawnLabs (tokyodawn.net/tokyo-dawn-labs/). You can get there everything you need for mixing. 
For guitar players I would recommend LostIn70s (www.lostin70s.com/plugins), IKMultimedia->Amplitube and mercuriall.com/



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15 hours ago, bdickens said:

The OP hasn't been back since. It must not have been that important.

Or the the responses scared him away

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SKATOR, I most definitely recommend Vital. Although I do not really dabble with synthesizers, this is one of my favorites. It is very similar to Serum but COMPLETELY FREE! You can use Vital to learn sound design and create your own presets, or you can find plenty of free presets online. (Komplete Start also contains many free gems).

Vital: https://vital.audio

Free Presets: https://www.betterbeatsblog.com/post/the-ultimate-list-of-free-vital-presets


https://www.echosoundworks.com/free-downloads (includes vst and serum presets too)


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