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50% Off MKSensation Xtreme by Gospel Musicians

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MKSensation Xtreme is the ultimate live gigging/bread and butter module for professional live gigging musicians. This is all a true musician would ever need for any live gig or performance.

Weighing in at a massive 51GB, MKSensation Xtreme represents the highest quality and the most accurate sampled representation of the classic MKS-20 piano module. Coming from a gospel musicians’ background, this MKS sound is a staple of the gospel sound and has been featured in some of the top gospel albums throughout the years.

MKSensation Xtreme is normally valued at $199.99 but now available for only $99.99 for the next few days. This one deal you do not want to miss, hurry and save!

Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/mksensation-xtreme-by-gospel-musicians/
Deal ends on October 4, 2021 at midnight eastern time


  • 51 GB Library Size ( 20GB Lossless Compression)
  • 23,419 Samples
  • 362 Sampled Sounds
  • 21 Analog Modeled Wavetables
  • 14 Analog VA Waveforms
  • 74 Presets
  • 26 High Quality Effects Featuring Overloud’s VKFX
  • Ability to Load Plugins in place of Sound Slots
  • 8-Fully independent Sound Sources with their own independent (AMP, Filter, LFO, Mod, and effects)
  • Seamless Sound Switching
  • Two versions of Power Grand
  • Live-Set Mode with MIDI CC Program Change
  • Dedicated Mute and Solo on the buttons
  • Dedicated Split Screen
  • Quick Control functions for easy access of important parameters
  • All knobs, sliders, and buttons are MIDI Learnable
  • Two different MIDI CC Program Change modes for quickly switching to presets via your controller
  • Low CPU 8-Layers = 20%
  • 2-Second max load times per set. 
  • Ability to Receive on Separate MIDI channels per sound for multi-timbral stacks and layers
  • Global Mictotune, Transpose, Octave, and Velocity Curve.
  • Dedicated large volume sliders on front of interface.
  • Ability to Copy/Paste Single or All parameters across sound-sources





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Well I just ran through Keyscape looking for the patches that might get close to the four presets in MK that I like. No dice.

Do I want to pop 99 just so I can use 4 MK patches out of the hundred or so they have, and eat 50GB on my hard drive just for four patches?


all playing, no talk:


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Thanks Fleer! Would look forward to learning how big it got when expanded and installed.

Ideally the developers could put each patches' samples in a separate folder for each preset. Then you could just toss out the folders of samples that are all filler, no killer.


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