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Kontakt weirdness

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Hi folks,

Have a bit of an odd bug going on here, and I'm wondering if anyone else can reproduce this. I noticed when building a new template in my DAW that a few of my Kontakt libraries were behaving badly. In particular, the interfaces for a few them had become unworkable: whenever I tried to adjust any one slider or dial on the library, every other dial and slider on the interface also changed. I first noticed this when I uploaded the "VSL Celeste" patch from the Kontakt Factory library, and tried to adjust the reverb mix. Every other dial on the Celeste interface started changing also, and I wasn't able to work any of the controls separately. 

After a bit of experimentation, I discovered this happened whenever I had multiple patches loaded in an instance of Kontakt after a copy of the Symphony Series Percussion patch "Cymbal 1" was already loaded up. When loaded after the "Cymbal 1" patch, some libraries (but not all) would suddenly start exhibiting this behaviour (including most of the Factory Library patches, Albion One patches, and a few others).

Patches loaded up before the "Cymbal 1" patch would not have this problem. I tested this with the same "VSL Celeste" library, and if I loaded it up before "Cymbals 1", no problem. If I loaded it up after "Cymbal 1", it would become unworkable. 

Last night I was able to reproduce this behaviour in both my main DAWS (Cakewalk and Cubase) on two separate machines with independent installs of Kontakt 6 and all the above libraries.  

Can anyone else reproduce this on their own machines?



Of note: this is the full version of Symphony Series Percussion that I am using, not the Symphony Essentials one. 

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