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NEW ACT MIDI Controller


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hello everybody
I was thinking if is possible to improve the ACT midi Control as at picture.
1) the possibility to choose the Bank fo each single Control ( R1-R2-R3.. ecc.)
2) the possibility to have a drop box 
3) the possibility to to select the control on the R1-R2 R3 ecc. and to scroll it (point 4)

4) scroll the drop box 
5) the possibility to select only the VST control excluding the control Strip

It's time to improve the ACT control , what do you think ?

new ACT control.png

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30 minutes ago, daveindev said:

just for your information , while waiting for Bandlab to make a better MIDI controller, a talented guy developed a plugin that seems to be quite configurable :

AZ Controller (www.azslow.com)

very interesting !!
this not should be a problem for bandlab to do it

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