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For Never and Ever Day 1

Cookie Jarvis

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Sounds like the music during the opening credits of a creepy movie (might need more minor chords tho)
I like how you set up the song with that steady bass and a different piano phrase every four measures.  I listened to some of your other tracks on your site too. Good stuff!

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Hi Bill.
I agree of the point made about a few more minor chords.
We all paint different pictures...
Crows and rain...  impending doom  🙂
I could hear all the instruments well..  and the mix seems very "wide" but on my speakers it is like there is no center image as the track progresses.
I also listened to the tack in mono.
Is the bell center and then you pan it in steps to the right side?

Loved the pulsating bass and I really liked your Fragile Magick track too.
I must admit I love listening to this kind of music.

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