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Øyvind Skald

Rick Beato - Perfect is the ENEMY of GOOD (Photoshopping your music)

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Humanize in the various apps I've used it with has just been randomize. Things like vary velocity by _____, vary start times by ____, and vary durations by____.

This is definitely not the same thing a good drummer does. And what the drummer does in most forms of pop music should be used as the basis for what other rhythm instruments do.

A good drummer might rush certain beats or sub beats, and/or drag others. He or she does this in a constant manner, whether or not a click track is followed. It's the feel, the groove, or whatever else it's known by.  It keeps it from sounding mechanical, and allows the rhythm to breathe.

Now there are certain exceptions to this. Some EDM and other contemporary  dance songs need everything quantized to the grid. It's how they are supposed to sound.  But that doesn't work for rock, jazz, blues, folk, country and so many other forms of music.

Snapping to the grid, over-compressing, auto-tune, and things we mentally do to 'perfect' the music, IMHO ruin the music.

Feel free to disagree, but with over 50 years on stage playing sax, guitar, bass, drums, flute, and or synth plus vocals, you won't change my mind.

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