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Grouped clips STAY grouped + offset setting for crossfades

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Some frustrating things I have battled with when trying to edit multi-tracked drums:

1) grouped clips should always behave as a group REGARDLESS of where you click on a clip. If you need to edit a grouped clip individually then un-group it first and re-group it afterwards.  Moving crossfades on quantized drum tracks, for example, should move the fade points across ALL grouped tracks in the same places ALWAYS.  You shouldn't have to be careful about what clip is selected or not selected.  It should never become disconnected as shown in the attached video.

2) a means to apply an offset (in mS or samples, etc.) to auto-generated crossfades to prevent them from landing on top of transient markers (i.e, after quantizing clips).  This will prevent "chopping off" the transient as shown in the second attached picture.

multitrack fades.gif

crossfade offset.jpg

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