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Resizing An Image In Theme Editor

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Resizing a GUI image can have unintended and undesirable results. However, it can also be useful.

Resizing is not allowed using Import/Export or Copy/Paste but is possible when opening an image in an image editor from within Theme Editor.

To set up an editor like Photoshop, open Theme Editor and click the Setup Wizard button in Tools menu.

1.       Open a theme and double click an image. Photoshop opens.

2.       Resize and save image.

3.       Click OK in Theme Editor and save the theme.


Each image has its own size limitations giving it one of the following statuses:

1.       Stay within its assigned size with no affect on adjacent items.

2.       Overlap adjacent items covering them or being covered by them.

3.       Push adjacent items over to make room.


Example doubling the Snap To/By button size:

Original                                 Resized

snap2button1.JPG.c485faae9bf058593ca0bf75dc11e887.JPG           snap2button2.JPG.861911ee1897cb032165e9e6d2e2703b.JPG

This image covers the left side of the main Snap button image but slips under the images to the right and below it making it a status 2 image.



1.       The top left corner cannot be repositioned so any change will be to the right and down. In this case, the main background is the only limit to how far you can go.

2.        Interactive images like buttons and knobs are Controller Hot Spots for those functions, so overlapping one with another may render one of the hot spots inactive.

            Best to avoid overlapping!

3.       To be safe, save changes to a new theme.

4.       When loading a theme using resized images, CbB needs to be closed and reopened.


updated: 9/18/21

Edited by sjoens
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