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NI activation problem

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Hi folks,

I've just completed building a new PC, and have just reinstalled Komplete, including all the various effects. For some reason, every time I try to load one of the effects in Cakewalk (or any of my other DAWS) , I get a popup saying I have to "activate", "buy" or "demo" the plugin.

When I hit "Activate", it opens Native Access, and then I can use the plug-in. But this happens every single time I try to add it in. I own all the plugns, Native Access says they are installed, etc. But I gotta "activate" them every time. 

Has anyone experienced this? Any idea what the problem could be?



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Yeah, tried that, but didn't work.

I did, however, get a letter from NI Support, saying this: 

"Dear customer, we are aware of an issue where certain effect plugins remain in DEMO despite of being activated as full version in Native Access.

The issue is known (bug: DAEM-1570 - Effects keep asking for activation) and our colleagues in development are aware of it.
We have found the root cause of the issue and we are expecting to release a hot fix at the middle of next week."

So, it's a bug! And NI is on the case. 

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