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76% Off KTT - Kill The Top Multiband Compressor by SoundSpear

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For just $9.99 (instead of $42.50) get Kill The Top from SOUNDSPEAR!

Kill The Top (KTT) is an improvement to the legendary OTT (Over The Top) compressor. By doubling the frequency bands and including a chained exciter, KTT is even more aggressive while providing more control.

KTT is a 6-bands upwards/downwards compressor. Multiband compression divides the frequency spectrum into different bands to compress them individually. Upwards compression boosts the low-intensity dynamics while downwards compression reduces the high-intensity peaks.

Originally $9.99, KTT is now available for only $9.99. Limited time offer, don’t miss out!

Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/kill-the-top-vst-vst3-au-by-soundspear/
Deal expires on September 13th, 2021 at midnight eastern time


  • The Dry Wet knob allows you to blend the original signal with the one at the end of the processing chain, while Out Gain controls the output volume.
  • Downwards and Upwards knobs are mapped to the compression ratios of the downwards and upwards parallel compression for every band. All of the ratios are tied differently to those two knobs, in order to preserve the characteristic sound of KTT.
  • Attack and Release control the speed of the feedback detection circuit. A high attack results in intense transients, and a high release brings a pumping effect to the sound.
  • The Analog switch allows you to choose between a digital RMS detection circuit and an analog diode/capacitor peak detector, in which the attack time gets slightly scaled by the release time.
  • The Exciter knob sets the amount of harmonic excitement that will be applied band-wise, in respect of the 12AX7 vacuum tube distortion.


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