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Starship Krupa

Theme: Blue Ice (updated to 2021.12)

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If you liked Nickel Mint, you might also like my other new light theme, Blue Ice.

It's a similar idea, but with the accents/highlights blues rather than greens. The main highlight color is the blue from Mercury, so it looks a bit similar to Mercury but with a light Control Bar and lighter backgrounds elsewhere.

Like Nickel Mint, it's built for legibility and features my usual easy-to-remember iconography. I strive to improve upon the stock Cakewalk themes where I think they leave things ambiguous or difficult to read.

When things are lit up, that means they are enabled. This is sometimes counter to how Cakewalk does it. For instance in my themes the PDC and FX buttons are lit up in color when FX and PDC are on rather than lit up when they are bypassed or overridden. No trying to remember whether a bright button means that something is on or if it means that the bypass for it is on.

In the FX bin, highlight color means enabled and grey means bypassed, both for the plug-in UI button and the rack bypass button. You get the idea, if it's grey or dark, it's bypassed or disabled. If it's lit up in color, it's on, or active.

"+" signs add things, "-" signs delete things, arrows open and close things. X's close dialogs. The track icon for a synth track is a little piano keyboard, the icon for an instrument track is a similar image with a MIDI jack superimposed to indicate that an instrument track is a synth with a MIDI track, all in one.

There's a bit of color added to the Track and Piano Roll view backgrounds; this blue theme is a blue theme. As with all of my themes, the accompanying color preset very much enhances the theme, so try it.


As always, comments and critiques are most welcome.

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