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Midi pool and pattern control

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There is a new arranger, but it works to arrange some parts of a track, while i cannot define for example which pattern (clip) to assign with the arranger clip.
i mean if i had few similar clips, i'd like to assign them with one arranger-clip and move it and copy or anything - i can't,
so i drag a clip to arranger, but nothing happens.

So the midi poll is about to store all my used midi clips for a project for a fast drag and drop.
but also it would be nice to use it with arranger to activate it at any time or per instrument,
it's quite different behaviour, more like a dj, when you have drums but plays your instrument-line with one click
and if i had that clip associated with arranger and some instruments, then maybe
it will activate those instruments and play that pattern for selected arrangement (or something) 
i'm not sure how many people performs live with soft-synths,
but when you got some prepared track - well, why not using those clips?
it's not that new or unique feature - ableton has lines of same (clips) patterns that can be activated all at once or separately
and fruity loops had something like this too in drum-machine patterns section

So if we got few arranger tracks on top, we also have A -section on the left and there are Sections and arrangements
just put few midi clips from exact instrument to arrangement and those will be associated with section and define its boundaries,
also find same clips and mark it.
So basically all used clips should be duplicated in arranger and if it is "tied" clips (from copy paste) - they had to be there
and also we should know which instruments are used there, for a fast mute or just info,
and some runtime mode to use it interactively (save original scene and write a new one) .

And in the right pane we got fx and notes, it would be nice to see all midi patterns used, just with one more button.

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