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Appropriate Hardware PC Speakers


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Hello:  I have Cakewalk by Bandlab.  I want to be able to run it on a PC, and then attach performance speakers to the PC for public audiences.  Does anyone have recommendations for a powerful laptop and speaker system?

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I have used my laptop on board audio directly into PA systems for almost 20 years.
Some laptops hum and I had to use a ground lift. 

If the mixing board is near you on stage All you need is a TRS 1/8” to 1/4” stereo pair adapter cable. 

But for longer runs you need to convert to a balanced signal. 

For this I bought a Radial DI box that is designed specifically for use with laptops and portable devices. 

But all I’m doing is playing backing tracks that are recorded in Cakewalk and then pre mixed to wave files. 
If your planning on playing your backing tracks directly from Cakewalk you might be best off using an audio interface. Most have balanced outputs.  An audio interface is also a good investment if your going to use Cakewalk for recording audio. 

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