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Arm/Disarm Record in Kontact Track

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Greetings all. 

I searched the forums, and didn't find any instances for this issue. 

Using Cakewalk Version 2021.06 (Build 058, 64 bit), and Kontact Version 6.6.0 (R133).

I've added a Kontact Simple Instrument Track, and armed the track, at which time, the "Record" indicator in the track lights up, and also the "Arm/Disarm All Tracks" indicator in the Mix Module at the top of the window.

I successfully record a passage, and then disarm record in the track. HOWEVER, the "Arm/Disarm All Tracks" indicator in the Mix Module will not disarm, as if Cakewalk thinks a track is still armed. 

In this condition, any other attempt at recording, effectively doubles on top of the previously recoded passage. 

I've been using Cakewalk for a great while, but I am VERY new to Kontact. 

Am I screwing something up, or is my instance of cakewalk flaky?

Has anyone experienced this?

Any and all suggestions, are welcomed, and appreciated. 

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I've been using Kontakt in Cakewalk for over a year and I've just noticed this too. I am sure it did not happen before the last Cakewalk software release. 

I managed to get round it by freezing the track and then unfreezing it as this seemed to clear the recorded (but hidden) audio.

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