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Hello everyone. 

This song was recorded on Cakewalk using a Quad-Capture interface, a Behringer V-amp 2 amp simulator, a Strat, a Yamaha Five String Bass, a CAD E 200 mic, and EZ Drummer and Dimension Pro as the VST instruments for drums and keys. We used only the included Sonitus Suite effects and automated the daylights out of the tracks to optimize the sound of a band format in comparison to the original, in which they used a band aaaaand an orchestra.  

The song is “Ilegal, Inmoral, o Engorda” by Roberto Carlos. It basically posses the question: Why are things we like often illegal, immoral, or fattening?

I have loved this singer and this song since I was a kid but I always imagined him doing it a little tighter, a little angrier, and without the orchestra, so I did it that way. 

Bellow are the original and my version.   

I hope you enjoy them 😊


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In answer to this part of your question.

Why are the things we like often illegal?

Normally because the local government have not worked out how to make a profit.

Could not understand a word but the mix sounds reasonable her ,first track.

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