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Atari by Jake Waidelich

Jake Waidelich

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2 hours ago, PhonoBrainer said:

Welcome to the forum! My guess is your tunes will find a good home here. I really appreciate the unconventional approach to this one, and that sustained "friend" got a little creepy and sad, which of course fits your song.

nice one, keep 'em coming!



Thanks for listening and commenting! I'm currently halfway through a large project so I thought I'd share this in the meantime as it is the first song that I recorded for it. I'm re-recording songs that I wrote in 1991 so it is fun and inspiring to have more than just a dual cassette player and crappy microphone. 

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7 hours ago, jack c. said:

interesting.i wish it was longer.jack c.

Thanks for listening! Most of my early songs are pretty short.  I've tried revamping some of them with extended intros or longer fade outs, but if I did that with all of them then they would sound too much the same, at least to me. I have a longer medley that I can post that I've made a video of as well, but I'll make a new post soon.

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