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Coming Soon - PA takes Mastering in the Box to a whole new level


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And now THIS!

Here it is! This video is going to cause some discussions about the Mastering Studio of the future.

BIG NEWS: Brainworx will release this Mac desktop application to the public as a V0.8.7 "Tech Demo" in just a few days, exclusively via Plugin Alliance.

Enjoy watching and listening to this. Premiere: NOW!

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Interesting... If this is an offline product with a perpetual license, this might be the end of online AI mastering services. It'd also be interesting to see how these masters compare with the work of human mastering engineers.

I do question the effectiveness of bouncing all tracks in parallel (around 1:40). Analysing all tracks in parallel might be possible and worth it if you have enough CPU cores, but unless all 12 songs are being written to 12 different disks, I would have thought that disk I/O would mean that it's more efficient to write the bounces to disk one song after another.

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