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21 hours ago, BassDaddy said:

A Seafoam Jag! My man!


This Pawn Shop score is my first Jaguar . This guitar is from The  Squier Vintage Modified series  . It's pretty much a vintage spec recreation of a Jaguar from Fender / Squier made in Asia. I'm OK w that ...dropping a grand plus for a Made in America Jag  is out of the question right now ..

According to Leo Fender  The Jaguar was Fenders top of the line guitar back in the day . Compared to a Tele or a Strat The Jaguar has a lot of quirky things going on that are so much different  than what most Tele or Strat players are used too ... Short Scale ( 24 ) Vintage neck Radius ( 9 .5 ) ,   Totally different Vibrato / Trem system and last but not least a pick up  switching  system w some very interesting controls and combo's that can be had .

I'm grateful to have gotten this guitar ....I'm still bonding with her / it

Thank You BassDaddy .

it has been nice rapping w you ,



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17 hours ago, paulo said:

I've always thought that I would never be able to enjoy something that was only there because of someone else's misery.

If the people at the bottom of the ladder aren't living in misery, then capitalism has failed.

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