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Changing BPM half way through a song


Hi all,

I'm back to writing songs again after a Hiatus, ( writers block, "my songs suck", why do I  bother etc!) but I snapped out of it and I am writing an instrumental which goes from a sort of sad bit to an upbeat louder section. Its 100 BPM for the quiet intro on Piano and then in come drums but they need to be at 130BPM. but if I change the BPM all of the Midi stuff follows it and I end up with one time of 100 BPM or one of 130BPM instead of a change from 100 to 130. I'm sure this is a simple problem, but as some will know, I'm a simple person and find all this tricky.  And i did look it up but the answers were not what I needed? 



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