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PRV Snap toggle


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I had assigned a keystroke to PRV snap resolution toggle, but when I started messing around with my shortcuts, I accidentally lost that, and now I can't find it again. I KNOW there's a way because it's been working for a very long time, but now that it's lost, I don't see anything in keyboard shortcuts to toggle that PRV Snap Resolution. Also, my keystroke simultaneously toggled the Track View snap resolution, which I AM finding as Ctrl-Alt-0. Any idea how I can get this back?


While I'm asking, why is it that when I change a keystroke, CW decides to remember what it used to be bound to, sometimes, but not all the time, and I can't make out when or why. And yes, I know that there are global bindings and view-specific bindings and I need to be careful when changing shortcuts so that I don't have conflicts. I get all that (though the shortcuts UI certainly doesn't try and make it easy!). But even when I'm careful and make sure my shortcut is set up properly and isn't conflicting with some previous binding, I will save preferences, and then try to use the shortcut and SOMETIMES it works, sometimes not. Or it will work a few times and then later use its old binding, or sometimes it won't ever work and I just give up. Buggy AF. Any help there?

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I use PRV snap resolution toggle using a keybinding and have never had an issue with it. - on mine Cakewalk, it's under the Keyboard shortcuts. Area: Piano Roll View under the name "PRV Snap Override"

In relation to your second point - yes, I feel your pain.  That is why when ever I make changes to Keyboard shortcuts, I export the file in case something goes astray.

I do remember times when I would create a Keyboard shortcut, I press the key, and Cakewalk just sits there laughing at me.   I could not assign a given key combination to anything.

When ever this happened, I think this was due to duplicate entries occurring internally.  When this happened, here is what I did to fix it.

Create a keybinding to a CAL script - does not matter which one, as long as you remember the name.
Export the Keyboard shortcuts file twice to generate two KBN files, each with a different name (one is for a backup).
Open one of the resultant KBN files with any text editor.
Search for the occurrence of the CAL script name in that file - there will be an entry Kx{number}={CAL script name}.
Search for any other occurrences of Kx{number} and delete those lines - that should free up that keybinding and remove duplicates.

Reimport the edited KBN file back into Cakewalk. 

If something does wrong, you have the other unedited KBN file to import.

This is something I did a while back to fix non responsive key combinations and it worked.  It allowed those non responsive key combinations to now be used.

One other thing to be aware of is that, if you’re using them, Workspaces can load their own keybindings.  On my system, I do use Workspaces.  However, I have configured them not to load Keyboard Shortcuts (Use Workspace Manager to do this)

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