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CbB keeps trying to load Tungsten.fth


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So, I have my old Sonar Platinum release still installed on the same system, I have Bandlab installed on.   (Primarily so that I can continue to use some of the add-on I had purchased, like Dimension Pro, Rapture, etc., and load older projects, just in case).

After the last update, I keep getting an error splash when I start CbB complaining about the Tungsten Theme.fth.  (attached)
Only problem is that it's the wrong filetype and in a different tree.   

Is this a registry setting, and is there a way to prevent the Bandlab release attempting to load this?  I should mention that I have both the Cakewalk and Sonar Theme Editors, as well.   But, I have almost never started any of the Sonar stuff in the past year.



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I just did a find in Windows file explorer, and found two copies.   One in Cakewalk Core, and one in the path identified above.   They had different mtimes and sizes.

I renamed the older Sonar file.   And now the message is gone and I can apply the theme.

Still wondering why CbB is scanning the older filetree.

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