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Missing TH3 presets

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Not sure how this occurred but I'm missing some of the TH3 presets banks since yesterday.

I've been using Cakewalk for a while using the  TH3 Cakewalk  Extra -> Guitar Hero preset, but now it's gone.

I only see 3  main presets banks, the " TH3 Building Blocks Clean", "TH3 Building Blocks Dirt" and  "Th3 Inspired" , 

I'm missing the  "The Cakewalk" and  " The Cakewalk extra" presets banks.

Even when I choose "see all", I  can only select the 3 banks that are already selected.

How can I get the other banks back ?

I could not find a function to do a factory reset to get the presets back


Thanks in advance



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